Located just three miles North of Newport, Oregon the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is a favorite for many tourist. 
        The lighthouse took almost two years of construction to complete by August 20, 1873.  The Oregon winter weather often caused delays and other construction difficulties. 
        The Yaquina Head Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon coast at 93 feet taking 114 steps to climb the tower to the light after entering from the marble floored rotunda.  The light shines 162 feet above ocean level and can be seen for a distance of more than 18 miles. 
        In 1938 with almost 12,000 visitors, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse was the 4th most visited lighthouse in the United States.  Automated on May 1, 1966, the original lens was then teamed with a electric 1,000 watt globe.
        In 1993 the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area took over the lighthouse and it is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  With the change, visitors are again allowed to tour the lighthouse which was closed to the public of a number of years.
        On your way along the road into the lighthouse there are a small beach and fabulous tidepools with conveinent parking and easy access to view all sorts of sea creatures including star fish, hermit crabs, purple urchins, anemones and miscellaneous small fish.  It is estimated that the area receives in excess of 390,000 visitors are year. 
        This is a great stop for all of the family.  A bit of history that will interest older children plus the adults and the wonders of the sea are fun for the whole family.
          More information about the Newport Yaquina Lighthouses can be seen at Friends of the Yaquina Lighthouses.
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