Toppenish - "Where the West Still Lives"
        Over 67 outdoor murals grace the storefronts and various building walls throughout this history filled city.  The murals remind us of the way of life of yesteryear and honor some of the men and women who are significant contributors to the City of Toppenish and its rugged history.  The murals range from a smaller size to some of them being about 200 feet long.
        Started in 1989 when Toppenish Mural Society gathered 12 artist to paint the mural "Clearing the Land" in one day to celebrate the Washington Centennial, the tradition has continued every year since.  Every year the first Saturday in June is the day for the creation of a  new mural-in-a-day.
        The Toppenish Mural Society has maintained the high quality of the murals by carefully selecting the artists asked to participate and making sure the murals are both historically significant and accurate.         Drawing visitors from around the world the murals have won several awards including the Governors Art Award and a national "Prettiest Painted Places" award.
        The Visitors Information Center has a mural map for a self guided tour of the murals and more information about the complete history of the city.  Access  to Toppenish is easy from either Highway 97 or Interstate 82.
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