The Seattle Space Needle is a must see attraction in the Pacific Northwest.  The Space Needle is located at the Seattle Center at 400 Broad Street, Seattle, Washington.
        The Space Needle was built for the 1962 World's Fair on a 120 x 120 foot lot which was formerly owned by the City of Seattle.  It was sold to investors for $75,000 in 1961 one year before the opening of the World's Fair.  The original name of the Space Needle was "The Space Cage." The foundation weighs almost 6,000 tons and there is 250 tons of reinforcing steel in the base alone.  The Space Needle is a tower of 605 feet high and 138 feet wide at the widest point and it weighs 9,550 tons.  It is built to withstand winds up to 200 mph and earthquakes up to a 9.1 magnitude.  It has 25 lightening rods on the roof to withstand lightening strikes.  It is interesting to know that on hot days, the Space Needle can expand about one inch.

        The glass elevator that transports you to the restaurant and observation deck allows you to see the Puget Sound Water within 10 seconds on your ride in the Space Needle.  The next 20 minutes shows off the snow covered Mount Rainier.  In 41 seconds, you are on the O Deck.  The Observation Deck is 520 feet above the metropolis.  There is a 360 degree view from this deck of Seattle's magnificence, Mount Rainier to the South, Cascade Mountains to the east and the Olympics to the West.  The Space Needle provides complimentary Swarovski Telescopes which allows you to see a friend in the stands a couple of miles away at Safeco field, home of the Seattle Mariners baseball team.  Environmental graphics are on the outer edge of the level and information displays are along the interior core with descriptive information.
        The SkyCity Restaurant has a 360 degree view.  Dine on a spectacular meal while you take in the breathtaking views.  During your delicious meal, the restaurant will rotate 360 degrees of magnificent views each hour.  The elevator stops at the Restaurant but it is interesting to know that there are 832 steps from the basement to the SkyCity Restaurant.
        The Space Needle also offers valet parking and the drop off is right in front of the landmark.  The elevator ride and the Observation Deck visit are complimentary with your reservation at the SkyCity.
        The SpaceBase is filled with a wide variety of products in their gift shop.  It is a great place to pick up a memento from your visit.

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