Northwest Trek in Eatonville, Washington is a 715 acre Wildlife Park with an abundance of beautiful trails and wildlife that all ages will enjoy.  The park offers walking trails, lakes, meadows and amazing wild life.  Northwest Trek is home to more than 200 North American animals which represent over 30 species.

        There is a 55 minute tram tour that travels through the 435 acre free roaming area of beautiful natural habitat which gives the visitors an opportunity to spot different animals and wildlife as they travel through forests and wetlands.  It is unbelievable how close some of the animals are to the tram, allowing breathtaking views of Moose, Woodland Caribou, and Black tail Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Mountain Goats, Bison, Cranes, Swans and more.  A tour guide takes you throughout the entertaining trip and will help you spot native wildlife and tell you about each animal.  The tram tours are great to slow down and even stop as animals are spotted on the tour.

        There is also a section of forest with walking trails which allow you to observe Bobcats, Cougars, Lynx, Gray Wolves, Red Foxes, Coyotes, American Crows, Bald Eagles, Barn Owls, Forest Dwellers, Golden Eagle birds, Great Horned Owls, Northern Spotted Owls, Sandhill Cranes, Snowy Owls, Badgers, Fishers, Porcupines, skunks, Wolverines, Black Bears, Brown Bears, Bobcats and wetland animals such as the Beaver, Otter and Raccoon.  The trails allow you to explore the forest and animals at your own pace on winding trails throughout the forest. 

        Northwest Trek offers nature trails which allow you to spot local butterflies, birds, insects and plant life.  There are short, medium, and longer trails to choose from.  Choose from a 10 minute stroll or an hour hike through these beautiful secluded trails. Maps are available at the trailhead

        The Cheney Discovery Center is an interactive center for children of all ages.  It is filled with things to discover about nature and wildlife.  There are costumes to dress up in as your favorite animal, fur pelts of Pacific Northwest animals, and puppets.  There is a real working honeybee hive, snakes, Albino King Snake, Gopher Snakes, and Western toad.  There are animal models and information about Washington's habitats. You can also take home some interactive games and activities.  These hands on centers are loaded with fun and adventure.

        Northwest Trek also features the Fir Bough CafĂ©, picnic areas, and a gift shop.

There is free parking for cars, buses and recreational vehicles.  Trek has designated ADA parking spaces and a drop off and pick up zone in front of the admissions window. 

        Northwest Trek is located at 11610 Trek Drive East in Eatonville, WA, which is only 55 miles south of Seattle on the way to Mt. Rainier National Park.  The main park information number is 1-360-832-6117 or 1-800-433-TREK.  Your admission includes the tram tour, walking tour to see the exhibits, entrance to Cheney Discovery Center, and Baker Research Cabin, access to the nature trails, animal presentations and keeper talks. 

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