Christmas Tree Varieties
Douglas Fir - one of the most popular varieties nation wide especially on the West coast.  With dark blue-green 1 - 1 ½" long needles, cone shaped the tree has good needle retention and a nice fragrance.

Balsam Fir
- one of the best tress all around, 1 - 1 ½" long flat needles, dark green, this very fragrant variety is long lasting and has a good form.

Frazier Fir
- has ½  - 1" soft needles, a nice silver green color, soft, has good needle retention, is very fragrant and has a good shape.

Scotch Pine
- this popular tree has a dark green color, stiff 1" needles with little fragrance and good needle retention.  The Scotch Pine is good for heavy decorating.

White Pine
- this blue green tree is very full with no fragrance making it better for homes with people with allergy problems.  The very soft 2" - 5" needles are flexible and the branches, not very strong are suitable for lightweight decorations.

White Spruce
- blue green colored tree with good needle retention, little fragrance but an unpleasant odor when the needles are crushed.  This column shaped tree has ½ - ¾ " stiff needles.        

Norway Spruce
- a beautiful shiny dark green tree with ½ - 1" needles, has strong fragrance but poor needle retention.

Noble Fir
- a deep green color with good shape, sturdy branches good for decorations and a good aroma.  1" needles with good needle retention this variety is often used for wreaths and garland.

Blue Spruce
- as the name indicates a bluish color, a nice pyramidal shape and strong limbs. The Blue Spruce has a moderate fragrance and high needle retention.

White Fir or Concolor Fir
- becoming increasingly popular, an attractive blue green tree with short ½" needles, good needle retention and a nice aroma.

Photos courtesy of The National Christmas Tree Association

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Oregon State Christmas Tree Farms
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